For the correct construction of the tactic standing up for the rights of the client, and also for its correct realization in criminal case needs a thorough knowledge of the legal base and considerable experience of its use in practice, the ability to find a way out of any situation. Every stage of the criminal process and its final outcome depends on the choice of representative in the court.

In what areas do we work?



of unlawful acts of law-enforcement authorities (visit the scene of illegal detention, illegal search, ejectment, filing of complaints on the policy actions etc.)


of the client’s interests during pre-court procedures (participation in measures of investigation (interrogation, identification) rendering legal assistance for choosing, extension and change of measure of restraint, preparation and filling of requests, etc.)




of the client’s interests at the trial stage (participation in the court session, preparation of explanations, appeal or cassation’s claims, application for review of case for newly discovered evidences


with the State Penitentiary Service. Issues related to parole amnestied prisoners (preparation of documentation, references to the competent authorities and judges)




of the injured person’s interests. Recoverables in favor of injured person under the criminal process (participation in measures of investigation, preparation and filling of requests, preparation of appeals and complaints, preparation and filling of civil claims under the criminal process, preparation and filling of appeals and cassations claims, petitions for review of for newly discovered circumstances)

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