There are situations which can not be resolved through negotiations, and then it is necessary to recourse to a different way of solving – it’s court. Legal company "LEGAL COUNSEL GROUP" represents of their clients in courts of all instances in civil, economic and administrative cases. Besides that, attorney’s of the company can represent their clients in the executive office.

How does it happen?


Pre-court procedures

Representation during pre-court procedures:

  • holding of meetings with representatives of all interested parties;
  • forwarding of writing propositions on adjustment of disputes;
  • sending requirements on discharge of duties




• gathering the evidential base

• preparation and filling of a complaint
• preparation and filling the application in separate procedure

• representation in the courts of general jurisdiction and administrative courts, commercial courts in civil, administrative and economic affairs, and cases of administrative offenses (also in offense against customs rules cases)
• preparation of the necessary proceedings;

• Representation in appeal and cassation courts and in the Supreme Court of Ukraine when considering all types of cases:
• preparation of petition for appeal or counterargument to appeal if it was filed by another member of the trial;
• representation of the interests of a client in the court of appeal;
• preparation of cassation appeal or counterargument to appeal if it was filed by another member of the trial.


Enforcement proceeding

  • supporting the procedure of enforcement proceeding
  • preparation of complaints on stage of the judgment execution